SpriteKit vs Unity

There are many frameworks for designing and developing games on iOS devices. I wanted to share the advantages I found from both SpriteKit and Unity.

SpriteKit (Link)

It’s Apple’s own framework and it’s already integrated into the iOS APIs. I always choose Apple’s frameworks and APIs first because it generally ‘just works’ and Apple designs it for it’s own ecosystem leading to better efficiency.

SpriteKit doesn’t cost anything. As long as you have a paid Apple Developer membership, you can use SpriteKit in all of your games without paying or giving credits (Apple still takes 30% from your App sales).

Unity (Link)

Just because a framework is outside of Apple’s ecosystem, I don’t always dismiss it. There are many situations in which extra frameworks or libraries are needed.

If you are developing a game for various platforms such as iOS and Android, you’ll need to use something like Unity. Obviously you wouldn’t want to double or even triple the amount of development work. Unity is cross-platform for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Unity has a much better visual scene designer than SpriteKit. It’s more powerful and you can see your scene in real-time which helps with development time.


If you are new to iOS and Swift development, definitely start with SpriteKit. It’ll help you understand the Swift programming language better. As your skills improve, experiment with other frameworks and choose the right one for your project.