Pocket Randomizer

Pocket Randomizer provides an easy way to roll dice, flip a coin, draw sets of numbers, or generate a random number. Now available on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

Playing a game? You can easily customize dice with different colors and faces. Need help making a decision? Flip a coin and customize it in various ways.

Dice Roller – add multiple dice to roll. Hold dice when rolling for games. Customize die and face colors. Use dots or numbers for the faces. 

Coin Flip – customize faces and colors. Flip a coin to make decisions or personal entertainment. 

Sets – customize the number of numbers to draw. Add sets. Customizable bonus and range.

Random Number – select a range and generate a random number.

Playing Cards – draw a set number of cards from a deck, and set how many decks to draw from.

Colors – generate a set of random colors for inspiration. Create and manage palettes from your colors.

Lists – create and randomize lists of items.


Need support or have questions? Head over to the support page.