With an understanding of various technologies, my area of expertise is Swift iOS/iPadOS development and design for over six years. I’ve worked with implementing REST API endpoints, native Apple APIs and various video streaming protocols. Architecturally, I’m familiar with MVVM and MVC as well as both Protocol and Reactive patterns. I have experience with Git version control, Xcode, Test Driven Development, JIRA issue tracking, and the Agile workflow.

Recently I’ve been working with Kotlin on Android and React Native for cross platform development.


Lead Mobile EngineerTonic, Inc.: October 2020 – Present

Lead several mobile projects in iOS/iPadOS, tvOS, Android, React Native, and many other technologies. I work closely with our design teams to ensure features and designs are properly implemented.

I also work with different backend and web technologies including Node.js, React, PHP, and more.

Senior/Lead iOS EngineerBluprint, NBCUniversal: May 2018 – July 2020

Collaborated with a talented team to rewrite a React Native app into Swift to deliver a video consumption experience for customers. Technologies utilized included several Apple APIs including AVPlayer, In App Purchases for subscriptions, and working with coordinators and the MVVM architecture. I also worked on special projects (during hack-a-thons) including image capturing for machine learning and Augmented Reality implementations. I became a lead on our team to support team members and help our team succeed in delivering new features and improve our processes.

Lead iOS EngineerTrendly: January 2017 – May 2018

Led the development of both a collaboration app to connect influencers with brands and a shopping app for customers to purchase goods from brands on the iOS platform using Swift. The collaboration app was the flagship app, allowing brands to send influencers free products so they can take photos, upload them through the app, and manage campaigns. Utilizing Xcode, I was responsible for planning, architecting the apps, writing unit tests, developing storyboards, implementing the designs and deploying into the iOS App Store. I utilized REST API and parsed JSON responses while syncing data into Core Data.

Freelance iOS Engineer and Designer: 2014-2018

Developing various games and utility apps such as word puzzles and kaleidoscope cameras to utilize various Apple APIs and SDKs and expand Swift expertise. The goal is to diversify the types of apps I work on (Games, Utilities, Document Management, etc.) and explore areas of iOS Development I don’t normally get to work on. Some of these include SpriteKit, Core Image Filters, Metal, and more.  I have worked with Objective-C prior to 2014, since 2011. I have a few apps currently in the iOS App Store with more to come in the near future.

IT, Internal Systems, iOSPlayerLync: 2015-2017

Responsible for full stack development and internal systems revolving around the iPad app including video processing, data visualizations, and video overlays. Some of this work required writing Javascript that lived inside UIWebViews so that users could graph data but have it ready available to view on any device. I also worked on creating video overlays so professional football teams could use the iPad app to mark videos for player reviews.

Design and Full Stack DevelopmentMariner Software: 2009-2015

Responsible for the design/development of the Mariner Software website, server, and worked with iOS and Mac Apps. I’ve worked with Objective-C at this point since Swift was not yet available until late 2014. I worked on utilities that would scrape recipe websites to import recipes directly into an iOS app. I also worked on Mariner Calc, an iOS spreadsheet app.


University of Minnesota; MinneapolisBachelor of Science, Graphic Design 2009


Mobile Development: Xcode, Swift, CoreData, App Store, Apple APIs and Toolkits, REST API, Combine + SwiftUI, Android, Android Studio, Kotlin, Java, React Native

Web Technologies: Node.js, React, Javascript

Architectures and Design Patterns: MVVM, MVC, Protocol, Reactive

Engineering Tools: Git, Github, JIRA and Pivotal Tracker, Unit Testing, Pull Requests and Code Reviews

Graphic Design: Adobe Creative Suite, App Icon Design, UI, Email and Print Marketing

Projects in iOS App Store

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