Word Reactor

Word Reactor is a word puzzle game for iOS. The user is given the first letter of a word and has to guess the word with a limited number of guesses. The game tells the user how many letters are correct and how many are in the correct space. It’s up to the user to figure out which letters are correct. As the user succeeds, longer and harder words are presented.


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Classic Lemonade Stand

Classic Lemonade Stand is a minimalistic simulator allowing the user to run a virtual lemonade stand on iOS. The game progressively gets harder as the user determines how many supplies to purchase and how much to sell cups of lemonade. The algorithm throws obstacles to the user such as weather elements, bullies who steal money, and other challenges.

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1k Cryptograms

1k Cryptograms is an iOS puzzle game similar to the popular Cryptoquips found in daily print newspapers. Users have to figure out cryptographic quotes from famous people.

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Uneeq Company

Uneeq Company is a website selling unique tech gadgets and software. The company has been around for over a year and continues to sell gadgets at discounted prices. Occasionally, deeply discounted software bundles are also sold on the website.

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