Projects + Experience

Glyph Tap

A fun puzzle game with AI generated background music. I utilized the latest SwiftUI features to build the UI. Glyphs are SFSymbols and other images were created using Affinity Designer 2.

Glyph Tap is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.


A logic puzzle game in the realm of Sudoku, Kakuro, and Nonogram/Picross. The object of the game is to successfully mark all the spots in a grid to add up to the total values given in each row and column.

This app is written using Combine, SwiftUI, Core Data, and is available on iOS14+ since it utilizes SwiftUI 2.0 features.

Pocket Randomizer

Utilizing SwiftUI, Pocket Randomizer is a suite of tools including a dice roller, coin flipper, random number set generator, and a random integer generator.

I’ve also used Catalyst to port the iPad version of this app to macOS. This is a personal and ongoing project.


The Bluprint iOS/iPadOS app fueled creativity for users via video consumption, user discussions, video bookmarking, and exploration features. I collaborated with a highly skilled team to design, develop, and promote this app. Technologies utilized include AVPlayer, REST API, Reactive style programming, MVVM architecture, In App Purchases (subscriptions), and Sign In with Apple.


Visionary was a special project at Bluprint. With collaboration between engineers and designers, we created an app that would scan photos and Pinterest boards, utilize machine learning, identify the images, and match Bluprint classes based on the images. The featured of Visionary was later integrated into the flagship Bluprint app.


Collaborate iOS app connected Instagram influencers with brands to showcase products to social communities. Features included in app messaging, photo uploads, browsing other uploaded photos, and connect with other users. Technologies utilized include Twilio SDK, REST API, MVC architecture, and Shopify SDK.


This app utilizes Core Image Filters and the live camera to manipulate images in real time for a kaleidoscope effect. Users can capture these images and save them to their camera roll. Technologies utilized include CIFilter, camera capture, and In App Purchases.


This is a simple card guessing game with a modern design. Users can guess if the next card is higher or lower, and try to beat their high score. This experimental app explored heavily on UI design, In App Purchases, and general logic.


CryptoWords is a word puzzle game inspired by Cryptograms. Users have to decrypt words and progress through levels. Technologies utilized: In App Purchases so users can buy “coins” for hints to help them progress through the game, MVC architecture.